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Picture Pricing

Photos provided by Jetpics2000 are all in digital format and edited to the size you select. Selling only digital photos allows us to save you money on printing costs and provides you with a digital copy of the photo forever. 

When you receive the digital photo you will be given rights to the image and can make as many copies or use the photo however you like.  If we don’t have the photo you want in stock we will work with you to get the shots the request. 

Photo Session Pricing

Sometimes in order to get that perfect shot, we need to shoot on location.  Jetpics2000 will shoot at a clients location to get the shots they want. Once the photos are taken, we will provide a variety of proofs to the clients.  Photos that they select will be edited and provided in a digital size of their choosing.  The client may also purchase a CD of all edited and non edited photos once everything is complete.

For specific print size pricing please contact us at for a quote.

Aerial Photography Sessions

Jetpics2000 offers aerial photography shoots clients located in the Northeast United States.  As part of the Aerial Shoot, we will work with the client to determine the exact location of the site and set up the shoot during the best lighting conditions (weather permitting) to provide the most detail as possible.

Once the shoot is complete we work with the client on editing of the photo to meet their requirements.  Once the editing is complete the client will be provided the edited photo and originals for their future use.

Pricing for aerial photoshoots can vary depending what the client would like and the travel distance involved for the aircraft.  Please contact us at for a quote. 

Individual Digital Stock Photo Prices

 You can visit our stock selection of photographs at

To purchase high resolution stock digital stock photographs found on this site or on our flickr site email us at

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